The Most Advanced Attraction Formula For Bars And Nightclubs

Discover the secret used by pickup artists and dating coaches to seduce women at bars and clubs around the world


Attract, Control, Elevate. Three simple and repeatable steps to attract any woman instantly. So powerful, you can bring a woman home from your local bar tonight!

  • Learn to approach without any anxiety
  • Spark her attraction within seconds of meeting
  • Advanced techniques to get women chasing you
  • A proven, step-by-step formula to bring women home

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I always thought my money would attract women, but I was wrong. I feel as though a veil has been lifted, and I’m finally awake.
James, New York
This formula is a godsend, why isn’t it all over the news? I love how it is explained in steps.. If, Then, Else.. it’s great!
Amit, California

Get Sex On The First Night

Others may teach you how to approach women, but we go further, and give you an exact step-by-step procedure to bring a woman home with you.

No Experience Or Looks Needed

This attraction formula works for anybody, regardless of age, income or physical appearance, because it attracts women on a psychological level.

Learn When And How To Kiss Her

You’ll learn all the signals to look for when she’s ready, as well as specific steps to get the kiss from her AND make her want to kiss you more.

Reverse Any Rejection

You won’t just learn how to pick up girls, you’ll also learn how to deal with any situation, how to use rejection to YOUR favor, and how to make her friends LOVE you.

Get Women To Chase You

With over 25 advanced exercises to practice, you will soon get women chasing you, while automatically attracting almost every woman without even trying.

Spark Attraction In Seconds

Know the perfect combination of what to say, and how to say it, that creates a strong attraction within the first few seconds of meeting almost any woman.

Get Her Number Within Minutes

This is easy. In fact, you’ll be getting so many women’s numbers, that you won’t be able to keep up, or even care about phone numbers anymore.

Get Dates With Women Easily

Get dates with women the first day you meet. And with these techniques, they will actually look forward to seeing you again. No more flakes!

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ACE Seduction System: Nightlife Attraction Formula

Three repeatable steps that you can use to attract any woman at any bar or nightclub: Attract – Control – Elevate. Perfected for years, with thousands of real world tests, with real women, and in real situations, this detailed dating guide explains exactly how to pick up girls at a bar or nightclub.

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Female Encryption Key: Secrets Of Social Dynamics

Do you want to learn the secret of a woman’s mind? Do you want to build unbreakable inner confidence in any situation? Learn EXACTLY how women think, what they find irresistible in a man, and how to create a deep and lasting attraction with any woman. So strong, these techniques will make her want a relationship. Use at your own risk.

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Wingman System: Advanced Seduction Techniques

The most advanced techniques for cooperative attraction. This is not something to be taken lightly. It is the result of hundreds of psychology publications, hours of viewing security footage at bars and clubs, and thousands of hours “in the field”, practicing these cooperative techniques with real people. It is VERY powerful stuff.

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Special Report: Top Secret Pinball Technique

This special release explains the famous Pinball Technique created by Zar and used by master pickup artists and dating coaches all over the world to quickly “conquer a room”. Formerly a closely guarded secret among dating coaches, this technique makes you the most popular guy at any venue, within minutes of walking in, even if you have NEVER been there before.

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How To Pickup Strippers In 5 Easy Steps

Exotic dancers are some of the most attractive and sexual women you can meet, but if you don’t know these five secrets, you will never be able to experience the pleasure of going home with one of these incredibly seductive women. This book explains the five steps that any man can do to attract these sexy dancers.

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4 Proven Tips of Approaching at Bars And Clubs

Get the members-only guide on how to pick up girls at a bar, club or party. Learn how to convey confidence to every woman you talk to, create your own custom approaches and make her crave your touch from the very first conversation. This dating book is available for free to registered members and private coaching clients.

Wow, this attraction system is amazing! The level of detail is impressive, but it wasn’t until I started noticing the drastic change in responses from women, that I truly understood the power behind these principles. It is not surprising that the author was once a software programmer, because it is evident in the mathematical precision of his attraction formula.
Pete, California
I never thought a geeky gamer like myself could ever learn how to pick up girls at a nightclub (I used to be scared of nightclubs), and be getting phone numbers and dates with women so easily! I’m having regular success with girls everywhere, and I’m making so many new friends. I feel more confident than I ever have.
Ning, New Jersey
At first, I was thinkin.. “if this is so great, how come i aint ever heard of it” but I took a chance and bought it. Crazy as it sounds, this turned out to be the best dang thing I ever bought. Instead of spendin my money gettin drunk, I got a book that explains exactly how to sleep with any girl I meet at the bar, and it works! Wayyy better than a hangover.
William, Texas
I was always prety good with the ladies, but DAAAMN… i got into a whole new level of game with this book… i start bringn chicks home from the club after reading it!! And i mean FINE CHICKS too. Its so easy, I just follow the steps. All my boys keep askin how i do it. This book is siiiick… its my secret weapon.
Maurice, Michigan

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attraction formula dating book

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Yes. We’ve been testing and perfecting these techniques for years, and the feedback from our clients reflect a 94% success rate.
We’ve incorporated psychological methods used by FBI agents and doctors, branding and marketing techniques used by big companies in subliminal advertising, and neurological processes used by scientists to effectively create the chemical response in the brain necessary to spark attraction and emotional connection in human beings. It’s pretty intense, and we appreciate if you’d keep this product secret.
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