“.. it has literally changed me completely. I learned so much about the psychology of the female mind, as well as strategies and techniques to succeed with every interaction. It’s amazing how easily it can be applied in the real world to generate instant results.”

– Eric, California

  • how-to-overcome-fear-of-approaching-women

How to Overcome Fear of Approaching Women

Approach anxiety, or the fear of making that approach, is there for every guy. The strength of this feeling varies from one man to the next, and for each guy, it varies from day to […]

  • how-to-tell-if-shes-attracted

How To Tell If A Woman Is Attracted To You

Everybody knows when they are attracted to someone. You can feel the increased heartbeat and the desire to talk, touch or just be around that person. But with so many hidden desires, how can you […]

  • how-to-approach-women-on-the-street

How to Approach a Woman on the Street

Every guy has been in this situation: a beautiful woman passes by on a sidewalk. How could a man approach her, right there on the street, and spark a conversation with her? Most people would never consider […]

  • how-to-pass-a-womans-tests

5 Ways to Pass Any Woman’s Tests

This is when a woman gives a guy a hard time, usually for the purpose of seeing how he will react. Because women are approached often, they have developed these behaviors that quickly weed out […]

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